First Week of Golf & Life Skills Classes (Spring)

March 9, 2020 @ 5:00 pm – March 14, 2020 @ 1:00 pm
$80 for Spring Session
Megan Parayno

Spring Session begins March 9th

  • Spring session is $80 (Free if you purchased an Annual Membership the beginning of 2020)
  • No class the week of April 6th – 11th
  • Classes are once a week for 8 weeks



Life Skills classes are offered throughout the year in the spring, summer, and fall seasons at facilities across our region. Classes are once a week for 7-8 weeks.  Participants who are new to the program MUST enroll in PLAYer classes. New participants 12 and older should look to sign up with the Teen PLAYer class (if available). A brief, but mandatory orientation session will be conducted for all parents on the first day of  Golf & Life Skills classes. All students advancing from one level to another must meet certification requirements:

• Little Linkster- this non-certifying level is for participants ages 4-6 years old only.

• PLAYer – entry level for participants who are between 7 and 11 years old. Must complete at least 3 sessions in PLAYer to certify into Par.

• Teen PLAYer – entry level class for ages 12-17 years old and may complete PLAYer level after 1 season (if available)

• Pro-PLAYer – optional advanced level for participants who have completed at least 2 session in PLAYer.  This sub-level focuses on going on-course and golf skills.

• Par – participants who have certified out of PLAYer level and 9 years or older. Must complete at least 3 sessions in Par to certify to Birdie.

• Birdie – participants who have certified out of Par level and 11 years or older. Must complete at least 4 sessions in Birdie to certify to Eagle.

• Eagle – participants who have certified out of Birdie level and 13 years or older. Must complete at least 5 sessions in Eagle to certify to ACE Level.

• ACE – students in high school (14 years or older) who have completed Eagle certification.

Minimum class size must reach at least 5 participants.  If minimum class size is not met, class will be cancelled and you will be transferred to another class.  Maximum class size is 16-20 for each session in most cases. Enrollment is always on a first-come first serve basis and is subject to availability so please register early. Participants are considered to meet the age requirements outlined in the course description if they turn the minimum age sometime during the current season.  ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO SIGN UP FOR 1 LIFE SKILLS CLASS AT A TIME.

If for any reason you request to move your child to another class, space must be available in the class to which you would like to transfer. If this is not possible and we are unable to accommodate your enrollment we can issue a refund as long as class has not already started. If class has started or if requested we will issue a credit for future enrollments.